Entire was formed in 1985 to provide a design, supply, installation and maintenance service serving all facets of fire protection, mechanical services, air conditioning, process, piping fabrication. For more information on each field please process to the relevant page.

company profile
Entire was established by the Directors and Shareholders of the "Group Companies", as an administration company to ensure smooth control and co-ordination of all Companies trading under ENTIRE banner. Entire was born of the need to provide a fully coordinated design and installation service for fire protection, mechanical services and electrical services within the construction industry. It began with the formation of Entire Fire Protection Pty Ltd in 1985, and from there has grown to include the following wholly owned and controlled Companies:

Entire Fire Protection Pty Ltd
Entire Fire Services Pty Ltd
Entire Fire Equipment Services Pty Ltd
Entire Mechanical Services Pty Ltd
Entire Air Conditioning Services Pty Ltd
Entire Engineering Pty Ltd

By combining the expertise of the Group Companies, all of which are controlled by the foundation Directors, who all take an active part in the day to day activities of the Group, we are able to offer the full complement of building services, as a complete coordinated services package or as a single service. The complete package offered by the Entire means no on-site conflicts, no engineering clashes, quicker installation and total accountability. All directors understand craftsmanship because each originated within a trade and each maintains the strict hands on approach. Our design, estimating and installation teams have had many years experience within these industries, and have the expertise to offer a full design and construct service or to comply with designs and specifications provided by others.

In addition to the above our Design Director was on the Australian Standards Board for Fire Sprinkler Systems for four years In our contracting history we have been entrusted with, and have successfully completed, many major and minor projects with our clients being extremely happy with our price, performance and quality. The credibility of the company is firmly established with a permanent portfolio of its work on display in a host of prestigious buildings. Upon completion of our projects we continue to give ongoing support to the client by providing a 24 hours emergency service and maintenance division which operates 365 days a year to service and maintain the projects in accordance with all relevant standards. Servicing and post-installation evaluation is all part of the entire job.We use our own service teams to maintain the standard of all our systems. We employ service engineers to ensure the buildings remain clean and 100 per cent efficient. Our systems are guaranteed for 12 months and subsequent maintenance and inspection agreements will ensure long-term security.

company philosophy
Entire has a firm commitment in providing the most "up to date" service
to its clients utilising best industry practices and the most up to date technology, sourced from around the world. Entire is one of a group of Companies incorporated in Australia, owned and controlled by the same group of Directors and shareholders who work on a daily basis within the companies to offer such a diverse range of qualified areas of expertise, all under the one banner and thereby allowing an easy interaction of all building services. Entire has gained a world wide reputation for providing quality service to both industrial and commercial clients. Entire takes away the headaches and ensures that all services are integrated and remain accountable, thus eliminatingtime and money wastage and the mistakes that can result from using multiple contractors to provide a variety of services.
We maintain that commitment by pursuing an overall policy of performance to time, budget and quality requirements.

quality assurance

Our commitment to quality has been well entrenched in all areas of our fields of expertise.Our Company has always complied with Government Statutory requirements and implements all Codes of Practice. The main objective of our Quality Management System is to provide a high level of confidence that the final product is fit for the purpose and meets the specified requirements of the overall design intent.Our Company employs a qualified Quality Assurance Officer to administer over all projects as per ISO 9001 requirements.At Entire we have full accreditation with N.A.T.A. in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.