In 1985, Peter Coleman, Lou Maglio and Allan Morris formed Entire Fire Protection to carry out sprinkler installation jobs across a wide range of construction projects in Melbourne.

By 1986, Mark Franklin had joined the group and formed Entire Mechanical Services to carry out mechanical (airconditioning) installation projects and complement the growing fire contracting business.

In 1992, Entire Engineering was started to provide a reliable supply of pre-fabricated pipe and fittings for both Fire and Mechanical projects.

As the contracting and pipe fabrication businesses evolved, in house support departments grew organically to meet their needs. By the 1990’s estimating, commissioning, drafting, small projects, testing, and service departments were an integral part of both Entire Fire and Mechanical Services businesses.

By the mid 1990’s, Entire’s in house mechanical and fire engineering departments had evolved and were designing fire and mechanical projects from the ground up or were value managing existing projects to meet the needs of clients.

Today, the Entire group of companies is a respected provider of fire and mechanical installation projects. Entire’s service and maintenance businesses also provide service to a wide variety of external clients.

Whilst Allan Morris retired some time ago, the three remaining directors continue to work in the business every day in ‘hands on’ management roles. As in the early days, the Entire group of companies is housed in a single building in South Melbourne (except for pipe fabrication), where we pool our experience and resources to provide the client with the best service possible.

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Entire was formed in 1985 to provide a design, supply, installation and maintenance service serving all facets of fire protection, mechanical services, air conditioning, process, piping fabrication. For more information on each field please process to the relevant page.

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