Entire has an extensive in house drafting department, which comprises of 15 qualified draftsmen (and women) working on both fire and mechanical projects.

The drafting department works in conjunction with Entire’s project managers, clients and builders to prepare accurate ‘shop’ and ‘as built’ drawings of the highest quality.

Whilst standard 2 dimensional computer-aided drafting is still widely used, 3 dimensional drafting is now becoming more prevalent – the drafting department utilises the best 3D drafting technology (BIM) to produce 3D drawings of the highest quality.

Building Information Modelling (BIM), enables our team to be able to detect clashes, design and installation problems in a virtual environment before construction, thus improving site co-ordination, productivity and efficiency. BIM provides us the ability to extract data from Models. Information such as Equipment technical data, Grille, Fire Damper and VCD schedules are able to be passed on to commissioning, our Service Department and to the Client if required, through online Web portals.

In addition, Entire is able to prepare 3 dimensional models of any structure using 3D printer technology. This enables the project manager, client or builder to view any part of the system in a solid format.

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Entire was formed in 1985 to provide a design, supply, installation and maintenance service serving all facets of fire protection, mechanical services, air conditioning, process, piping fabrication. For more information on each field please process to the relevant page.

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